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I first started the Village Scribe in 2004 as a means to encourage discussion about issues effecting Wesley Chapel, Union County, North Carolina and the nation at large. It was an add-on to the Wesley Chapel Villagers Group, an organization begun in 2003 to oppose the very poor zoning decisions in Wesley Chapel concerning the shopping center and the cronyism on the Wesley Chapel Town Council.

Some of my postings may at times be on the edge and I do on occasion, lambaste office holders and institutions, with a barb or two or three. Above all it’s my opinion and no different than writing a letter to the editor. I do my best to reflect the facts and label rumor as such. If I make a mistake, I will acknowledge it and apologize if need be. 

Additionally, people with differing or like points of view may post their own comments on each posting. There is no censorship, save bad language and personal attacks. ((Rule#1: Anonymous comments will not be allowed. A valid email address must accompany every comment otherwise the comment will not be posted.))

If you don’t agree with a position I’ve taken or someone else’s comment you just say so. Don’t be shy. You stand or fall on the merit of your argument, what could be more democratic?

Drop me a email if you have a suggestion.

Thank you for visiting!

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