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The town ended its fire service agreement with PVFD in April and contracted instead with Wesley Chapel Volunteer Fire Department to cover the municipal limits. Wesley Chapel VFD would also operate a substation out of the Hemby Road building, which used to belong to Providence VFD. But Providence gave the town ownership of the building in exchange for funding costly renovations.

On July 13, the town signed a lease with WCVFD that included an option to buy the Hemby Road station.

Last week, Union County Superior Court Judge David Lee granted Weddington’s injunction to order PVFD out of the Hemby Road station July 29 so WCVFD could begin providing service under the new agreement. Both parties met again in court Monday to take up an injunction by PVFD filed to keep Providence in the building.

Lee issued a temporary restraining order blocking Weddington from selling the building until August 10. On that date, the courts will hear a motion for injunction to block sale of the building until Providence’s breach of contract lawsuit is dispensed in court.

The plaintiff’s supporting memorandum included affidavits by PVFD board chairman Jack Parks, former Weddington mayor Nancy Anderson and Kenneth Lankford, who volunteers for PVFD but also applied for a job at WCVFD.

In the memorandum, PVFD attorneys argue that WCVFD and Weddington officials colluded to take PVFD over.

Providence VFD supporters oppose sale of the Hemby Road station.

“Once the property is sold, for all intents and purposes, there is no going back,” Anderson stated in her affidavit.

Providence VFD moved out of the Hemby Road station by the Tuesday night deadline called for by Weddington’s preliminary injunction.

Source: Firehouse sale blocked by judge Enquirer Journal

There is little doubt that the Weddington taxpayers have been abused by Town Council majority who orchestrated this travesty leading to last night’s midnight departure of the men and apparatus  of the Providence Volunteer Fire Dept. There maybe justice for them in court in the near future, but for the Weddington citizens justice will only come at the ballot box. You’ve been lied to,  purposely deceived and your safety imperiled.

Weddington's new tenants.

Weddington’s new tenants.


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