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Every two years, the residents of the 14 Union County municipalities get to vote for representatives to their local governments. Towns like Weddington and Marvin, and to a lesser degree Waxhaw, with its mayor’s peccadillos, have seen much political turmoil.  As the candidates file over the next two weeks, the VSO will examine the races.

This will be a work in progress that I will update as time permits.

Updated July 17, 2015

WEDDINGTON (seats: mayor, council district 2, district 4)

ISSUES: The Weddington elections will be very interesting to watch as actions by the 2012 elected candidates have placed the town into court with the prospect of court ordering the Weddington taxpayers to pay a $750,000 penalty for breaking the service contract for no cause as well as question facts known about the new service contract with Wesley Chapel VFD and the GIVING AWAY of the $1.6 million tax-valued town owned Fire Station on Hemby Road for $750,000.

Incumbent Mayor Bill Deter has filed for re-election for a second term. Mr. Deter is at the center of a fire department controversy, as he has led the town council to break a 10 year service contract with the Providence VFD, who has served the area for more than 60 years. There will be much more and detail as the race progresses.

Filing for mayor in full-throated opposition, is Pam Hadley (the District 2 incumbent)

Eric Anderson, who initially filed has withdrawn.

Filing for the District 2 Council seat is Mikki Weaver and Scott Buzzard. Scott ran for the seat 4 years ago against the incumbent Pam Hadley, who now running for mayor. Liz Callis jumped in on the last filing day to round out the District 2 race.

Filing for District 4 Council Janice Propst, a former Planning Board member, with years of volunteer service. As expected, the incumbent Barbara Harrison filed to retain her seat and in a surprise challenge, former Weddington mayor Walker Davidson filed as well.

MARVIN (seats: mayor, 2 at-large council)

ISSUES: The Village of Marvin has seen a number of challenges over the past few years, road gates in the Marvin Creek subdivision, the more recently the annexation & development project involving the old Wal-Mart property on Tom Short Rd, where current council member and Mayor pro tem, Christina Frazzini has been literally the point man, promoting the development and ridiculing Planning Board members who upon seeing the proposal failed to meet at least 83 (as I remember) zoning conditions turned it down 5-0. This is much more to the story and Ms. Frazzini’s involvement with the Rea Road project.

Filing first for the mayor is David Hoffman, a Charlotte developer who moved to Marvin late last year, and almost immediately announced he was running for mayor.

Incumbent mayor Joe Pollino filed to retain his seat.

COUNCIL: Incumbents (Lanny Openshaw, Ross Overby)

Filing is former Council member Ron Salimao, former mayor Nick Dispenziere, former School Board member Laura Minsk and Andrew Wortman.


WAXHAW (seats: mayor, 2 at-large commissioners)



Steve Maher

Dustin Williams

Daune Gardner (I)


Fred Burell

Aminia Lee

Brenda Stewart

Michael Osborn

INDIAN TRAIL (seats: mayor, 3 council seats)


Michael Alvarez (I)

Roger Fish

COUNCIL: (three seats)

Christopher King (I)

David Drehs (I)

Tripp Melton

Tiffany McGee

Pam DeMaria

Suzanne Schooler

David Lane Cohn (I)

Gary Evans

Michael Faulkenberry

Tiffany S. McGee

Amy Renee Stanton

Mark Wireman

WESLEY CHAPEL (seats: mayor, 2 council seats)


Howard Brotton Jr.

David Kapfhammer

Elaine Rosoff

COUNCIL: (two seats)

Theodore Kaperonis

William Rodriguez



Rick Becker (I)

Charles Gary Bowden

COUNCIL: (3 seats)

Valerie Coffey (I)

Lundeen Cureton (I)

Peggy Neill (I)


The mayor Wyatt Dunn was re-elected to a 4 year term in 2013 and the two council seats up this year have uncontested candidates, Shawna Steele (I) and Kathy Heyse.

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