Oct 182013

Yesterday, the County Commissioners laid out their reasons for appealing the verdict.

From County Commissioner Press Release: “We cannot allow a verdict that would destroy our schools, bankrupt our businesses, and squeeze every single taxpayer in our county to go unchallenged,” said Union County Board of Commissioners Chairman Jerry Simpson. “This decision would devastate businesses, seniors, taxpayers and children.”

“We are not going to sit by and have 12 jurors determine the future of our county,” Simpson said. “If taxpayers want to spend that kind of money and deal with the consequences of that kind of spending, then all the voters of Union County should decide to go down that path. This decision would harm our businesses, our schools, our families to the core.”

EJ: County appeals school funding verdict

Now, is anyone really surprised at the County filing an appeal? Whats the old saying “In for a penny, In for a pound” fit the reasoning or is “OPM: Other Peoples Money” more apropos. For a group of mind-synced politicians who constantly profess to be good stewards of taxpayer money or pound the table of conservative values, they are very liberal in spending money on lawyers, audits and “Needs” studies that they just ignore when result is opposite of what their mindset expected.

I suppose what really irks me more than anything else is the histrionics and fear-mongering they continue to do in every communique to the public. They sound like, forgive me, Barrack Obama during sequestration last year.

All you had to say was “We are going to appeal”, that was it! No more pointless posturing, we know the dance ~~ KABUKI ON, Garth.



Jerry Simpson: pictured in a white, Cindy Coto and Jonathan Thomas.
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Kabuki is a term used by American political pundits as a synonym for political posturing. It acquired this derogatory meaning after drawn out peace-time treaty negotiations between the United States and Japan which had extended to 1960, and because Japan, in an effort “to shed its image as a global marauder” sent Kabuki theater tours to the U.S. after World War II to sow the seeds of goodwill.

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