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UCPS Press Release:

July 31, 2013

Press Release

Contact: Rob Jackson, Chief Communications Officer (704) 296-5188

An impasse has been declared in the mediation between the Union County Board of Commissioners and School Board. By law, the School Board has five days within which to file a lawsuit. Following the failure of mediation, the Union County Office of the Commissioners and Manager issued a press release attacking the school system.

It is highly inappropriate, irregular andirresponsible for either side to release details of confidential proposals made during mediation. We are stunned that the County has chosen to do so and to blatantly misrepresent the School System’s position and proposals. The County’s press release appears to be a transparent attempt to prejudice any potential jury pool.

It truly represents a failure of leadership when County Commissioners and the County Manager choose to publicly attack their own school system for trying to meet the needs of its children and the expectations of its citizens.

What is abundantly clear from this process, and from the County’s press release, is that the County’s elected and appointed leaders lack a fundamental understanding of the School System’s needs and operations. We intend to prove our case in court, where the truth will come out.

The Union County Public School System is the engine driving this County’s growth and assuring its future prosperity. The citizens and children of Union County deserve better.


Union County Commissioner Press Release — July 13, 2013

Charlotte Observer: Impasse in Union County budget mediation

Readers do note the title of the Commissioner Press Release:
“Union County Public Schools Failed to Resolve Budget Dispute”
Apparently, the County Commissioners failed to recognize that both sides have to resolve a dispute!

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  One Response to “School Board and County Commissioners head to court over School budget.”

  1. God the whole “60% of the budget” thing is getting soooo old! The EDUCATION part of the schools is roughly 35%! The remaining expense is DEBT based on past bad growth policies instituted by who? Yep, that’s right, the cohorts and past ghosts of the County Commissioners! I guess the plan is to keep the next generation stupid enough to keep voting these idiots into office!

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