Apr 102012

By Craig Horn

Representative McGuirt has again chosen politics over policy. His answers to the budget crisis in North Carolina are “Blame it on the Republicans” and “Raise Taxes.” Sound familiar? Frankly Frank, you and your Democrat cronies still don’t get it. This Republican legislature inherited a financial mess created by the corrupt and inept Democrats in North Carolina. You ignored reality, took money from education, transportation and the Lottery to fund your Big Government schemes for decades and now you scream for more money. You are the builder of the house that now wants the owner thrown in jail because the house is falling down! It’s time for problem-solving, not problem-pointing, Frank.

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has grown to more than 2,300 employees under a Democrat-run administration. This bloated and expensive bureaucracy has over 100 people in Raleigh alone with the title Director, most of whom are paid more than $90,000 a year to waste more tax money on unnecessary make-work for our teachers and school administrators.

The papers are full of an increasing number of scandals about government waste and ineptitude in the Governor’s office and the growing number of Democratic officials that miss-manage and often steal the public money. And you think we should give them even more money. Representative McGuirt, you live in a glass house!

It was just a year ago that one of the state’s largest school systems sent out lay-off notices to hundreds of teachers and teacher assistants because of their budget crisis. Within months they not only rescinded the notices but put out “Help Wanted” signs for more teachers. Just a couple weeks ago, this same school system announced that they will fund a multi-million dollar test to give IPads to students. And, if all goes as expected, they will spend up to $2 Billion on this project. In Union County, almost every classroom has Smart Board technology. Why do we put Smart Boards before smart teachers in the classroom. Where are the priorities?

Increasing taxes, especially sales taxes, make the poor poorer. The Democrats in this state have been raising taxes sufficiently to make us one of the highest taxed people in the Southeast and our roads are now worse, our jails overflowing and our schools begging for more money. And now, the interest on our debt is the fourth largest drain on our state tax money!

Our teachers and teaching assistants need support, security and appreciation, not political rhetoric. We need a fundamental overhaul of how education is delivered and we need to focus on the basics – putting and keeping smart teachers in the classroom. We need to carefully review school transportation, school foodservice and school construction & renovation to insure that we are doing what we HAVE to do and not what we would like to do. Advanced technology is fine, but it doesn’t teach our kids, smart effective teachers do. We need to be asking harder questions of the administration and not just going along with recommendations.

Stop with the nonsense, Representative McGuirt, and come with answers, policies and action. Our teachers and teacher aides deserve better.

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