Oct 212015

The voters have spoken, not a lot of them, but enough to make an impression. The “Developer” party lost in Indian Trail and got trounced in Marvin. Good results in Wesley Chapel and Waxhaw too. Look for my Election review later this week. Congratulations to the Winners and well done to all the candidates.


Continuing with a VSO tradition, I will handicap candidates with character icons depicting my opinion of their candidacy based on their previous terms in office or their responses in candidate forums and newspaper questionnaires, public service record and length of residency. While elections are very serious, I have tried to inject a little humor into rating candidates for your information and entertainment.

Running for office is not an easy undertaking under the best of times, candidates (not all) are to be commended and thanked for making the effort.

Note: Revisions and updates may occur as the election draws closer.

Please refer to the icon legend at the bottom of the page or pause your mouse over the icon to view definition.


Seats: Mayor, 2 Council

  • Pamela Hadley – Mayor
  • Bill Deter (i) – Mayor Winner
  • Mikki Weaver – Council District #2
  • Scott Buzzard -Council District #2 Winner
  • Janice Propst – Council District #4 Winner
  • Walker Davidson – Council District #4
  • Barbara Harrison (i) – Council District

Seats: Mayor; 2 Commissioners

  • Daune Gardner (i) – Mayor (withdrawn)
  • Steve Maher – Mayor – Winner
  • Dustin Williams – Mayor
  • Fred Burrell – Commissioner Winner
  • Amina Lee – Commissioner
  • Mike Osborn – Commissioner
  • Brenda Stewart – Commissioner – Winner
Wesley Chapel:

Seats: Mayor, 2 Council

  • David Kapfhammer – Mayor Winner
  • Howard Brotton – Mayor
  • Elaine B. Rosoff – Mayor
  • Paul Kaperonis – Council – Winner
  • William Rodriguez- Council – Winner



Seats: Mayor, 2 Council

  • Joe Pollino – Mayor Winner
  • David Hoffman – Mayor
  • Ron Salimao – CouncilWinner
  • Nick Dispenziere – CouncilWinner
  • Laura Minsk – Council
  • Andrew Wortman – Council

Seats: 2 Council (districts)

  • Shawna Steele (i) – Council (#4)
  • Kathy Heyse – Council (#5)


Indian Trail:

I’ve updated Candidate characters for the “Developer” slate running in Indian Trail.

Seats: Mayor, 3 Council

  • Michael Alvarez – Mayor Winner
  • Roger Fish – Mayor
  • Pamela DeMaria – Council
  • David Cohn (i) – Council Winner
  • Dave Drehs (i) – Council
  • Christopher King (i) – Council (Withdrawn) Announced withdrawing from the race, but never filed with BOE
  • Gary Evans – Council (Withdrawn)
  • Micheal Faulkenberry – Council
  • Amy Stanton – Council – Winner
  • Tiffany McGee – Council
  • Tripp Melton – Council
  • Suzanne Schooler – Council
  • Mark Wireman – Council – Winner
Mineral Springs:

Seats: Mayor, 3 Council

  • Rick Becker (i) – Mayor – Winner
  • Charles Bowden – Mayor
  • Peggy Neill (i) – Council Winner
  • Lundeen N. Cureton (i) – Council Winner
  • Valerie Coffey (i) – Council Winner



Endorsed by the Village Scribe
Candidate is a good prospect or has good record.
Candidate has an excellent resume or experience for office.
Candidate has little or no previous experience for office.
Candidate of dubious distinction.
Candidate recycles same failed concepts – raising taxes.
Candidate may have hidden connections to special interests or (former) elected officials.
Candidate has history of supporting special interests to detriment of community.
Candidate has acted contrary to public position.
Voting for Candidate is a roll of the dice.
Candidate seems OK, so far.
Candidate is a developer, developer friendly or beholding to developers.
Caution, candidate is/may be dangerous to your town’s health, Elect at your own peril!
Candidate has shown not to be grounded in reality.
Candidate is the lessor of bad choices for the office.
Candidate should be closely scrutinized before supporting.
Candidate is a proven good listener, makes efforts to meet with constituents.
Candidate is NOT a good listener, tends to vote personal opinion.
Candidate is a Good Ole Boy or supported by GOB cronies.
Candidate is a media hound.
Check Candidate’s financial supporters.
If elected, candidate should be watched closely.
Candidate has no history of doing anything!
Wingman: Is running to aid incumbent or put up to run by an incumbent
Candidate has Flip-Flopped on important issues!
Candidate is an unknown need more info!
Candidate is a joke or election would be a bad joke on electorate

Note: The assignment of icons for candidates record or potential are the opinion and view of the candidates qualifications and/or history as viewed by the VSO. Voters are encouraged to do their own due diligence.

Candidates without icons are either under review or completely unknown at this time.

% As with any author to the VSO, the editor reserves the right to edit or reject any submission for content, length, language and spelling.

Please Note: If you have been rated with both a and a , please don’t waste my time.

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