Oct 092015
Not Scott Buzzard

Not Scott Buzzard

One would think that a candidate running for office for the second time would know that the School Board is a separately elected entity and the ONLY way a Town Council can effect REDISTRICTING is to STOP approving all those subdivisions!!!

How bizarre.

Creating a “Town Committee” to keep open communications with the School board is just folly.

The School Board assigns a board member as liaison to each town council and considering how the School Board ignored thousands of parents from Weddington, Wesley Chapel, Indian Trail, Rep Craig Horn and the County Commissioners to displace 5800 students, a town committee will have no more influence than Obama has on Putin.

Voters should be wary of empty ideas that sound good, but do nothing to solve real problems.

Years ago a candidate in Indian Trail promised voters that she would get the NCDOT to widen and re-pave Old Monroe Rd.

She didn’t get elected and Old Monroe Road remains the same. Pandering only goes so far.

A town council members business is the business of the town. For most of those who actually get elected that’s enough.

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